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Digital Skills

Course Overview

Digital Skills

Our Digital Skills programme has been developed to give individuals all of the necessary skills to carry out day to day online tasks for personal life as well as learn the digital skills expected by employers.

You may have completed a basic IT course before and you already know how to do the basics on a computer however this course is aimed at giving you all of the necessary skills to work efficiently, effectively on line and more importantly to be safe e.g. responding to requests for authentication on an online account and email, recognising suspicious links in emails, websites and social media.

You will also learn how to use the internet to solve problems e.g. find specific information related to Life tasks—booking an online appointment with your Doctor, find a recipe, book travel.

In Transacting you will learn how to complete forms online, set up online accounts using websites or Apps and you will learn how to buy or sell goods safely online. This could be your weekly grocery shop or simply selling something you no longer need on an appropriate site.

You will also be able to socialize with others either in the classroom or on our virtual platform, who are also learning about Digital Skills and share your experiences of good and bad service.

Together we can make your learning journey enjoyable.

Who is suitable?

There are no prior qualifications needed to attend this course.

We will check your starting point with a short assessment at the beginning of your course.

This course is suited for Anyone who:

  • Needs to learn digital skills for everyday life
  • Needs to learn digital skills that Employers look for
  • Even if you have a basic IT skill using a computer—there is more to digital skills
  • Want to get on in their job

What You will Learn

  • Adults will need to have the basics in IT foundation skills which underpin all essential digital skills
  • The skills required to communicate, collaborate, and share information electronically and safely
  • The skills required to find, manage and store digital information and content securely.
  • The skills required to register and apply for services, buy and sell goods and services, and administer and manage transactions online.
  • The skills required to find solutions to problems using digital tools and online services.
  • The skills required to stay safe, legal and confident online.

Additional Information

You will need to bring the following to enrol on the course:

  • National Insurance Number
  • Proof of residency e.g. passport,
  • Driving licence, utility bill with address etc.

We can be flexible with the days you learn

  • Courses start weekly
  • Courses run throughout the year
  • If you have your own computer you can do some learning at home using our virtual learning platform

What's Next?

At the end of your course your Tutor will explain how you can progress to the next Level or other courses that will help you develop skills for the job you are looking for.

You will also be able to progress to other courses that we offer for example higher levels of ICT – Level 1 / Level 2 ECDL/ITQ, Maths, English, Work Skills, Customer Service or Personal and Social Skills.

You can contact us at any time to find out more about our learning programmes on the numbers below.

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